DNDFURNITURE.COM – A furniture craft product is getting better due to various factors. Among them is to use wood raw materials of the best quality and guaranteed. Among them use the best quality teak wood.

In the manufacture of furniture products, especially outdoor furniture, DND Furniture chooses teak wood as its raw material. This is because teak wood has many advantages and special features for the manufacture of furniture craft products.

The advantages and benefits of teak wood itself is that it is durable. It is believed, this durability can be up to decades. Besides being durable, it also has good wood grain. So it is very suitable for making furniture. One more feature of this type of wood, which is safe from pests.

The Best Quality Teak Wood For DND Furniture Products

For the satisfaction of buyers of products from DND Furniture, material selection is also carried out carefully. We do not use random materials, but the best quality wood that we use for the manufacture of furniture products.

Garden teak furniture manufacturer

“The process of cutting wood for the manufacture of furniture products DND Furniture”

DND Furniture Jepara has been consistent in manufacturing furniture such as export quality outdoor tables and chairs. We have also been trusted by many buyers to work on various types and forms of outdoor table chairs in large quantities.

If you want a custom product, please contact us to communicate further. DND Furniture accepts the manufacture of various types of outdoor furniture even in large quantities.

If you want to know about our production house, you can come directly to the address Hamlet Bendo, Sekuro Village, Mlonggo District, Jepara Regency, Central Java.

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