A Teak Bench or Bench is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, giving you a comfortable place to rest and reflect. DND FURNITURE offers a large portfolio of outdoor benches, in a variety of premium materials and built in a variety of styles that are sure to offer you an excellent choice when deciding on your own style for patio benches or garden benches.
We offer teak benches, concrete benches and stainless steel benches in all sizes, from single-seat chairs where space is at a premium, or where you might want a certain style, to larger, backless dining stools with great dimensions. according to standard meal sizes. We offer benches in 2, 3, 4 and 6 person sizes, but we built them to wide dimensions to allow you the seating area that best suits your needs. You’ll find our benches built in comfortable detail, exquisite design and incredible materials – the perfect blend for your outdoor enjoyment.

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