DNDFURNITURE.COM – Jepara Regency has long been known as the center of the Indonesian furniture industry. This is because the Jepara furniture products have “excellent” quality. Not only the local market, wood craft products from Jepara Carving City are well known in foreign markets.

However, you need to know behind the various products of Jepara furniture that are good and have high artistic value, there is a series of processes that must be done. As in the previous article, we have reviewed the use of materials used for making furniture, namely with good quality teak wood, now DND Furniture Jepara will review the next process.

After selecting a good wood material to maintain product quality and durability, the next process is wood cutting. In the process, the wood is cut in various sizes that have been determined.

DND FUrniture memproduksi meja kursi outdoor kualitas ekspor

” Teak wood cutting for the production of outdoor tables and chairs DND Furniture Jepara”

This process also requires someone who does have their own expertise in wood cutting. In the process using the help of a special saw machine to cut wood. The wood cutting itself must be neat and symmetrical so that later it will not bend or break the wood.

DND Furniture Jepara Manufactures Table Chair Outdoor

Because DND Furniture produces outdoor tables and chairs, the wood is cut in the form of beams with a predetermined length. Wood that has been cut according to a predetermined size, next is the wood drying process.

Wood must be dried because of its physical properties that can change shape with changes in the water content in the wood. Drying can also be useful for protecting wood from various insects and diseases so that the wood is more durable and strong. Drying can be done outdoors by relying on sunlight or by placing the wood in a special oven.

Kayu Jati kualitas terbaik digunakan oleh DND Furniture Jepara

” Wood that has been cut to size is stored for the manufacture of DND Furniture Jepara tables and chairs “

So, those are the stages of the process of cutting to drying wood that DND Furniture has been working on to make teak wood furniture products with good export quality.

If you want to know the furniture production process directly, you can visit our production house at Hamlet Bendo, Sekuro Village, Mlonggo District, Jepara Regency, Central Java. For further information, please check DND Furniture’s social media:

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