DNDFURNITURE.COM – One of the processes in wooden furniture products is in the manufacture of them. The assembly of this furniture is determined by the type of furniture that we want to produce. Is the furniture few and limited or is it mass production, with large quantities and continuously being produced within months or even years.

From the working drawings will also be different. Production ‘jobs order’ tends to use job drawings per product to detailed setup on each production line, using the same working drawings. As for the ‘mass product’, it will be easier to work on the basis of furniture components.

For example, when making a chair, the preparatory production section will only have pictures of the hind legs, front legs and others without images with information on the type or color of the seat. In general, assembling furniture needs to pay attention to the following things. Among them is the process of smoothing all the components of the furniture by sanding. Because after the connection is complete, sanding the corners of the connection will be quite difficult.

Workers sawing wood parts that are not needed in the process of making wood crafts

” Workers sawing off unnecessary pieces of wood”

In this stage, the installation of each joint before using glue to determine the quality of the connection and its density. Plan the type of connection fixing tool, whether just with wood glue, nails, or wood pins.

You can always use a piece of wood that has been finely shaved between the workpiece and the tip of the assembly clamp to protect the workpiece from scratches or marks from the pressure of the metal clamps. For certain shapes, prepare auxiliary ‘klos’ according to the shape of the workpiece.

Next Step To Process For DND Furniture Products

Use a rubber or wooden head hammer/hammer to tighten manually to prevent scratching the workpiece. If you must use a hammer with a metal head, always use a piece of wood as a support against the workpiece. Clean off the glue from time to time after you clamp it before it dries. Glue is easier to clean at these steps. Always have a ruler handy to check frame angles or joint angles.

Pay attention to the work places after getting off the assembling machine, the work places are such that they do not determine the position of the connection. This is especially important if you are using wooden pins as a fixing aid before the glue dries. Especially for the mass production method.

The process of leveling wood parts

” The process of leveling wood parts “

In small batches, it’s best to leave the clamp on the workpiece for a few hours until the wood glue dries completely. Giving color to certain parts of certain components that will be difficult to achieve by the spray gun before assembly will be easier to finish.

If you want to know the furniture production process directly, you can visit our production house at Hamlet Bendo, Sekuro Village, Mlonggo District, Jepara Regency, Central Java.

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